Every new technology brings new advantages, making its predecessor obsolete. Blockchain technology is the latest contender to make rounds in the business world, poised to do what the internet did for personal communication and information publishing/sharing industry. Blockchains gained attention after the launch of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, whose sole purpose wasContinue Reading

Computer forensics has long played a vital role in both law enforcement investigations and corporate cybersecurity. Whether you are just entering the field of cybersecurity or an experienced professional looking to expand your skillset, adding computer forensics skills to your portfolio could help with your career goals. Continue Reading

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Cybersecurity is an industry that thrives on knowledge: we have a vibrant conference scene, various audio content comes at us in the form of webinars, online summits, and podcasts, and we can also spend our offline time indulging in cybersecurity books. However, with regards to the latter, often it isContinue Reading