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The Certified Blockchain Professional Program by IIB Council aims to  aspiring Developers and Strategists


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Blockchain, the cornerstone of a decentralization strategy, is a distributed database that is replicated across multiple nodes to enable immutable, permanent, transparent, and secure record-keeping of transactions. Essentially Blockchain is a self-regulated data storage and data transaction validation system.

The blockchain technology is the only peer-to-peer decentralized network to authorize users to digitally sign transactions with 100% accuracy. Blockchain is gaining popularity across industries such as finance, government, insurance, logistics, media healthcare, and many others for being a borderless network of value exchange in real-time.

The C|BP course provides a 100% hands-on thorough overview of blockchain technology and its implementation to the real world. The C|BP Certification consists of three knowledge and competency areas in Blockchain Technology: Development, Implementation, and strategy. During the course, students will not only be exposed to multiple blockchain implementation concepts but they will also be immersed in a unique guideline for sustainable and scalable blockchain development with the use of quantum-resistant ledgers.

The Certified Blockchain Professional training program teaches blockchain technology and cryptocurrency!

The Certified Blockchain Professional is fully vendor-agnostic and practical, focusing on the current state of blockchain technology as well as its future potential. The Certified Blockchain Professional course digs deep into the main characteristics and features of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) as well as introduces Blockchain’s new 3S (Secure-Scalable-Sustainable) proprietary framework. Students will also get a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the mining of cryptocurrency.

The Certified Blockchain Professional course begins with the technical foundations of blockchain, such as distributed and decentralized systems, cryptography, and mining. Students will then learn how to develop applications using Ethereum, a decentralized virtual machine. Additionally, students will explore different blockchain enterprise applications such as Hyperledger, introduced by the Linux Foundation, and widely used by IBM. Most importantly, the course will cover multiple blockchain implementation concepts by immersing students into sustainable and scalable blockchain development, the cornerstone of a decentralization strategy.

Why C|BP?

Introducing the First Blockchain Professional Training and Certification Program to set the global standards in Blockchain Technology.

As the organizations transform into smart, adaptive, Digital enterprises and economist evolve to consumer metrics and data-driven peer to peer ecosystem, our mission is and has always been to help business professionals to obtain relevant, implementable and practical digital skills to facilitate corporate growth globally.

The Certified Blockchain Professional (C|BP) course is developed to help respective aspiring professionals gain excessive knowledge in Blockchain technology and its implication on businesses and beyond. C|BP program is 360 degrees, Vendor agnostic and practical course focuses on blockchain’s technology current and future potential.

The CBP program digs deep into the main characteristics and features of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) as well as introduces Blockchain’s new 3S (Secure, Scalable, Sustainable) proprietary framework.

C|BP Program Prerequisites

To obtain the maximum benefits of this program and be able to integrate Blockchain functionalities into business operations, commercial applications, or open-source peer-to-peer transactions you need some technical experience, skills and/or qualifications as follows:

Basic Understanding of Cryptocurrencies (Preferred)

Blockchain developers thoroughly understand how Bitcoins and Ethers work, and most of them have already mastered the basics and fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. For C|BP course students are advisable to have some Blockchain programming foundations already. This includes an understanding of how a blockchain serves as the backbone that powers digital currencies.

Basic Exposure in Programming Languages (Required)

Blockchain’s APIs support six programming languages (Python, Django, C++, HTML, Javascript, Node) so if you’re planning to attend C|BP training you will need to be proficient at least in one with which you will be able to integrate Blockchain’s services. While Blockchain developers are proficient in the language they select for their project, Blockchain aspiring Professionals need to have at least an overview of the blockchain supporting languages to smoothly decide which one to pick to integrate Blockchain functionalities with the rest of their applications.

Experience with Bitcoin and Ether (Preferred)

Understanding the theory behind cryptocurrencies may be useful, but actual experience in transacting with these currencies allows you to introduce better, more innovative, and more user-friendly blockchain-powered solutions. By having actual experience in blockchain’s most popular implementation, Bitcoin and Ether, you will be able to better understand the needs of the organization, and provide suitable solutions that are in line with business architecture and business objectives.

C|BP Course Outline



Module 01: Introduction to blockchain technology

Blockchain - the cornerstone of a decentralization strategy


Introduction to the blockchain (history and evolution of blockchain through bitcoin)

What fundamental issue blockchain resolves?

Blockchain fundamentals

Distributed ledger technology (DLT)

Blockchain classification (public/private/permissioned or consortium blockchain networks)

Blockchain as a transaction registry

Advantages of blockchain

Applications of blockchain

Challenges towards blockchain adoption

Future scope

Module 02: Crypto assets

What are crypto assets


Crypto-currencies, altcoins etc.

Introduction to some cryptocurrencies (zcash, litecoin)

Provisioning crypto assets, cryptocurrencies


Token standards (ERC 20)

Securitization of physical assets

Module 03: Blockchain mining

What is mining

Why mining is performed/required?

Different types of mining

Mining vs. Forging

Design of a mining rig

Problem of centralization

Recent 51% attacks

Module 04: Bitcoin




Bitcoin value - how is it determined?

Bitcoin blockchain structure

Components of the bitcoin network

Mining and pow consensus

Task of miners


Script language


Financial investment and payments


Security and privacy

Legality and taxation

Bitcoin limitations

Bitcoin variants

Bitcoin clients


Module 05: Sustainable blockchain


Current bitcoin energy consumption


How to address the energy consumption issue

POS, alternate consensus algorithms

Quantum Resistant Blockchain

Module 06: Open source business blockchain frameworks


Permissioned and permissionless blockchain

Module 07: Hyperledger






Module 08: Ethereum




Performance (in comparison with bitcoin)

Elements of the ethereum ecosystem

Ethereum virtual machine

Smart contracts

Solidity language

Writing smart contracts

Supporting protocols



Module 09: Decentralized applications (DApps)


Decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs)

Module 10: AI and Blockchain

What is AI

What is machine learning

The convergence of AI with blockchain

Machine learning and blockchain

Intelligent smart contracts


DAOs and AI

Blockchain X.0

Module 11: Impact on industry








Module 12: Industry use cases

Sample use cases

Identity and blockchain

Other use cases

Module 13: IOT and blockchain

Blockchain of things
Usual /normal IOT model vs blockchain-based IOT model

Advantages of IOT and blockchain convergence How to achieve convergence

Module 14: Blockchain project implementation

Creating networks

Solidity language in detail

Examples using remix IDE

Writing smart contract code

Tools and frameworks for smart contract development on ethereum

Monitoring blockchain network (block explorer)

Real-world project

Get help and support

Get involved

Module 15: Scalable Blockchain

What is the scalability issue?

How scalability issues can be solved

What has been done so far

What are the possible solutions, sharding, off-chain, etc?

A survey of advanced techniques for blockchain scalability

Examples of recent bitcoin scalability solutions

Other advanced and new protocols such as chain web etc

Layer 2 solutions (off-chain solutions), lightning, etc

Consensus performance

Module 16: Security in blockchain (Secure Blockchain)

Secure smart contracts

Vulnerabilities in smart contracts

How to mitigate

Formal verification of smart contracts

Other security issues and mitigation

Endpoint security

Privacy and confidentiality

Module 17: Blockchain as a service (BAAs)

Microsoft azure

IBM blockchain service


Module 18: Open research problems in blockchain






Standardization (ISO TC 307)


 What will you learn?



  • Master the theoretical and technical foundations of blockchain technology 
  • Understand the concept of decentralization, its impact, and its relationship with blockchain technology
  • Understand the underlying technical principles of blockchain development and implementation.
  • Understand the blockchain technology mechanisms behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Understand how cryptography is used to secure data with practical examples
  • Understand the theoretical foundations of smart contracts and how Ethereum blockchain is used to develop decentralized applications using Solidity and relevant development frameworks
  • Investigate alternative blockchain solutions including Hyperledger, Corda
  • Discover use cases of blockchain-powered applications in various industries
  • Explore blockchain implementation and commercialization strategies
  • Learn best practices for blockchain integration in current business architectures
  • Identify possible blockchain implementation implications on legal aspects
  • Predict adoption risks and failures from application strategies and learn how to avoid with effective change management and project management approaches.
  • Identify new research topics and future scope of blockchain technology

CBP Exams Information

Prove Your Skills and Abilities With Online, Practical Examinations.

Exam Title: The Certificate Blockchain Professional

Exam Code: IIB-503

# Questions: 100

Duration: 3 Hours

Test Format: Multi Choice Questions (MCQ)

Availability: ECC Exam Portal



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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the C|BP Program

Is CBP an accredited Program?

CBP is our newest and most premium program yet. We have developed this program in line with the prestigious ANSI standards as with all of our other programs at IIB Council and EC Council as a whole.

What are the pre-requisites for taking CBP?

The CBP program is specifically tailored to full-stack developers. So, in order to get more out of this course and be able to apply the concepts introduced there, you need to have knowledge of the following:

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Working with asynchronous JavaScript code
  • Developing the front-end and back-end of a web application with JavaScript
I am not sure if CBP is for me…

Blockchain developers are and will be, in very high demand for the next 5-10 years, and the technology has the potential to transform the way businesses operate forever.

However,  if you’re not sure if this course is for you, we offer a starter kit where you can go through the first couple of chapters and learn more about what we cover in the premium program.

What is your refund policy?

once you made the payment, it is non-refundable.

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