Module 01: Introduction To Data Security

Data–Digital Building Blocks

Importance of Data in the Information Age

Threats to Data

Data Security

Potential Losses Due to Security Attacks

Implementing Security

Module 02: Securing Operating Systems

Guidelines To Secure Windows

Guidelines To Secure Mac OS X

Module 03: Malware and Antiviruses

What is Malware?

Types Of Malware

Symptoms Of Malware Infection


Configuring and Using Antivirus Software

How To Test If an Antivirus is Working

Module 04: Internet Security

Understanding Web Browser Concepts

Understanding IM Security

Understanding Child Online Safety

Module 05: Security On Social Networking Sites

Understanding Social Networking Concepts

Understanding Various Social Networking Security Threats

Understanding Facebook Security Settings

Understanding Twitter Security Settings

Module 06: Securing Email Communications

Understanding Email Security Concepts

Understanding Various Email Security Threats

Understanding Various Email Security Procedures

Module 07: Securing Mobile Devices

Understanding Mobile Device Security Concepts

Understanding Threats To a Mobile Device

Understanding Various Mobile Security Procedures

Understanding How to Secure iPhone and iPad Devices

Understanding How to Secure Android Devices

Understanding How to Secure Windows Device

Mobile Security Tools

Module 08: Securing The Cloud

The Concept of Cloud

How Cloud Works

Threats To Cloud Security

Safeguarding Against Cloud Security Threats

Cloud Privacy Issues

Addressing Cloud Privacy Issues

Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Module 9: Securing Network Connections

Understanding Various Networking Concepts

Understanding Setting Up a Wireless Network in Windows

Understanding Setting Up a Wireless Network in Mac

Understanding Threats to Wireless Network Security and Countermeasures

Measures to Secure Network Connections

Module 10: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup Concepts

Types of Data Backups

Windows Backup and Restore Procedures

MAC OS X Backup and Restore Procedures

Understanding Secure Data Destruction